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Get to know the unique patented technology RothETC, thanks to which the cleaning of your shower enclosure will be as easy as possible. This technology protects the shower glass from the deposition of limescale and dirt.

Maintenance of a shower enclosure is sometimes a real nightmare, so there is no wonder, that you would like to make it easier a little bit. And this is the reason, why the RothETC technology was formed. This special layer protects the glass of the Roth shower enclosures from the deposition of limescale and dirt. Cleaning is much more quicker and easier thanks to this special technology.

Realize how much time you spend with cleaning your shower enclosure - it could be about 2 weeks per year. The most demanding is removal of limescale, soap deposits and grease. Thanks to RothETC you can save 84 % of your time, which you can spend on different, much more pleasant activities.

How does the RothETC works

A protective layer RothETC is based on a nanotechnology. Drops, formed on the surface of the glass, bind dirt, grease and dust on itself. Water flows down the glass in a small strands a takes most of the dirt and the limescale with. So you do not have to scrub that dirt of the surface of the glass whole eternity, just clean the glass normally. 

Glass without the RothETC technology
Glass with the RothETC technology

RothETC into a new and finished bathroom

Do you like the protection of a glass RothETC™ so much, that you want it into your bathroom? So there is nothing to wait for. You have now 2 options. If you want to buy a new shower enclosure, choose from the Roth offer. No matter if you are looking for a quadrant, square or rectangle shape of the shower. We are sure you will find what you like. We have a solution for you even when you already have your shower enclosure and you do not want to replace it. The special RothETC COMPLETE CARE set will help you. You just apply it on a surface of your shower glass and it is done. 


How to properly care for your RothETC treated shower enclosure

Lifetime of the RothETC protective layer is 10 years, but if you take a good care about it, it could last longer. How to do it? We recommend using the RothETC CLEANER, which cleans and even revives the glass. Which means that it activates a hydrophobic property of the glass. Using this product once a two weeks is enough. Apply RothETC CLEANER with a soft microfibre cloth on the surface of the glass and let it work for a 2 minutes. After that just polish the glass with another soft cloth and it is done. Important thing is, that you should avoid using the abrasive products and harsh cloths for a cleaning the glass. Abrasive and rough products could damage that protective layer. RothETC CLEANER is eco-friendly and smells good.

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