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Guarantee period

Guarantee period starts on the day of purchase by the buyer. this date is mentioned in the guarantee certificate as the date of sale or the date of installation made by an authorized person (if this installation has been ordered within 3 weeks from the date of purchase).

With all products of Roth s.r.o. is provided to a the consumer* the basic guarantee for 2 years from the day of purchase of the product. With compliance of the extra conditions listed below is provided an extended guarantee. Guarantee period consists of a statutory period (of 2 years) and, eventually, of the extended guarantee period.

With selected products the guarantee to buyers is from the producer, who are not consumers too, reduced to 6 months and complaints are handled within 90 days from the day of applying for the claim. Statutory rights of final customer (consumer) are not affected by this, the guarantee to him is applicable by law.

Basic guarantee - 2 years

The claim to launch warranty fullfilment (repairing or replacing) of defective products on costs to the manufacturer lapses in the following cases:

  • the product is not used in correspondence with its determination or manual instruction
  • if a valid document of product purchase is not presented (so the customer has no proof of guarantee period beginning)
  • when improper installation is detected
  • in case a product was unauthorized or unprofessional manipulation made by the owner, or by other unqualified persons
  • none or incorrect maintenance (see „maintenance instructions“)

Extended guarantee

Extended guarantee is provided by Roth s.r.o. only to certain products of all product lines Roth.

the claim to launch warranty fullfilment (repairing or replacing) of defective products at the cost of a manufacturer, in the range of extended guarantee, lapses in the following cases:

  • if it was not an original guarantee certificate completed by a retailer and together by a professional installation company
  • if assembly of the product was not performed by an authorized installation company* / professional installation company (with a business license)

Conditions of extended guarantee

In the range of extended guarantee, in excess of 24 months from date of purchase, the producer has exclusive rights to choose the way to deal with the claim by:

  • repairing of the defect
  • replacing of the defective parts
  • financial compensation in an adequate range and importance of the defect in question, or by other ways in connection to the incurred defect and its relevancy

Extended guaranteee is not subject to obligation of the Civil code. Extended guarantee is governed by the Complaints procedure of the company Roth s.r.o.. Manufacturers decision on how to deal with the claim is mandatory for the customer.

valid for wellness products only


Products of product line Roth

shower enclosures Roth                                         2+3 years

acrylic bathtubs                                                       10 years

cast marble bathtubs                                              10 years

self-supporting shower trays                                   2 years

low acrylic shower trays (FLAT type)                      10 years

cast marble shower trays                                          5 years

others (accessories, HM panels, bath screens...)    2 years

Products of product line SANIPRO / PROJECT

complete range                                                          2 years

CONDITIONS FOR GUARANTEE  (description and purpose of use):


the product is designed to prevent water splashing with personal hygiene of people in residential buildings, public and industrial buildings


hygienic equipment that captures water after washing the body in the shower and heading it into the drain hole *


hygienic equipment used for partial immersion and washing the human body or its parts and to direct the water into the drain hole *


completely assembled unit comprising a bath tub, devices for flowing of water or air and associated electronic installation **


the product is designed to prevent water splashing with personal hygiene of people and for massage and relaxation purposes **

Shower trays and bathtubs are not designed for installation under tiles! Must be installed so that they are removable upwards after walling. Roth s.r.o. is not cover the costs associated with damage to tiles, floor tiles or masonry, which may arise from the disrespect of the rule.
** Whirlpools and steam boxes are designed for use in residential buildings.


  • mechanical damage on the products, where this damage is caused by improper manipulation, caused by a retailer, installer or by user
  • defects and damages caused by incorrect product installation (in contradiction to a mounting instruction, which is part of the product)
  • early wear caused by incorrect product installation
  • defects caused by incorrect product use (see „description and purpose of use“)
  • none or incorrect maintenance (see „maintenance instructions“)
  • damage caused by limescale deposits
  • defects caused by unauthorized usage, improper connection, defects caused by power surges or coming from usage in extreme conditions (for example in a sauna room, swimming pool, …)
  • the water pressure for operation of the hydromassage (steam) cabins and panels can not exceed a nominal pressure of 3 bars, otherwise there is a danger of damage on water-installation materials used in the product
  • the manufacturer reserves the right to disallow the guarantee in case of provably unauthorized interventions and alterations of the hydromassage system
  • the manufacturer does not accept any compensation request for damages, caused by a retailer, shipper or by a third person


  • IEC 60335-2-60, IEC 60335-2-105, EN 12764
  • guarantee cannot be applied if before the first operation a revision report of the electro distribution and inlet toward the hydromassage equipment has been performed according to IEC 346-6-61/A2


Lifetime of consumables as the sealing components (PVC sealings), illumination, cartridges, thermostats, ball bearing rollers, shower hoses,
or handheld shower can be shorter, than the guarantee period set by law.

All the components, which were mounted within installation, the customer must replace himself, e.g. shower hose, door rollers.

In case of missing purchase documents, all the service works are charged to the customer according to a valid pricelist of service works by Roth.

Seats and handles for hydromassage boxes are not structurally designed for persons with reduced mobility within the meaning of the standards ES 93/42/EHS for medical aids. these devices serve users with full mobility, as the supporting tool.

Valid from 1. 1. 2015

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