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Asymmetric corner acrylic bathtub

Dimensions: 150×95, 160×95 cm (L / R). Asymmetric bathtubs can in elegant way use the maximum of space in nonstandard designed bathrooms.  In addition to it we can also offer an elegant front and side acrylic panels, thanks to which you do not have to wall a bath around. For easier installation and alignment of the tub we recommend to order a set EXCLUSIVE feet.

  • Types
    TypeOrder numberOrientationDimension (mm)DeliveryVolume
    HARMONIA 150 (L)9800000 Left 1500 × 950 S 200 l
    HARMONIA 150 (R)9810000 Right 1500 × 950 S 200 l
    HARMONIA 160 (L)9820000 Left 1600 × 950 S 225 l
    HARMONIA 160 (R)9830000 Right 1600 × 950 S 225 l
    * H – height including supporting elements
    S  - items in STOCK - delivery in the earliest possible date
    O  - items to ORDER - delivery time should not exceed 14 working days
    Z  - CUSTOMIZED items - delivery time should not exceed 30 working days
  • Download

* height of the cover panels:  56 cm

The set of legs EXCLUSIVE includes a set of mounts for attaching the tub to the wall.
Feet adjustability: 12 - 15 cm

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