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What is it about?

We always list recommended cleaning agents for our products, but how often and in which way you should use them? And could you use a different cleaning agent on your shower enclosure, shower tray or bathtub? We will tell you that in our article.

Take care of your glass

For shower enclosures are the most important cleaning agents for the maintenance of shower glass. RothETC CLEANER in particular will give your shower enclosure a new shine. What can you expect from him? After the cleaning of the shower glass with this product, the glass is not only clean but also polished, thanks to its components it also acts as an effective protection from the deposition of dirt and traces of limescale.

How is that? The system activates the water-repellent effect of the glass surfaces. Thanks to this, the unsightly spots are formed less, and it is easier to keep them clean. For the beauty of the glass in your shower enclosure, we recommend RothETC COMPLETE CARE set, thanks to which the glass will look like new for many years. This protective layer, but with our standard products Roth (except for the series Project line) you receive for free because we are using it on the glass during production.

Practicality more than anything else

We are moving on to products for the care of your bathtubs and shower trays. We are talking about a cleaning agent for bathtubs and shower trays made of cast marble, SOLID SURFACE CLEANER. If you have at home a bathtub or shower tray from a cast marble or Solid surface material, then this is the best product for which you can go.

For the care of the bathtub and shower tray from the acrylate, we are recommending ACRYLIC CLEANER. It will keep your bathtub or shower tray in excellent condition and can also reduce the visibility of small scratches on the surface.

What you should not use for the maintenance

After the introduction of the products that you can use to maintain your bathroom, we should also mention which products are better to avoid and what to watch out for. If you do not want to disturb the protective layer, never use abrasive or abrasive milk and powders to clean the glass. Never really. Do not use other products containing a lot of alkalis (alkaline substances), chlorine and bleach. Likewise, we do not recommend the use of concentrated waste cleaners, steel wool, metal cleaners or abrasive sponges and other sharp tools that could damage the glass.

It is usually enough to rinse the glass with a rich stream of clean water after using the shower, which we normally recommend and wipe the glass with a cleaning blade. If you want some prevention after using the shower enclosure for a long time, a soft microfiber cloth will do great. All you have to do is lightly run the cloth over the glass and you will effectively remove the minerals contained in the water and other impurities from the glass. In case of heavier pollution, it will be sufficient to use RothETC CLEANER in the future.

Rollers or a nightmare

The biggest killer of the desire to clean is roller maintenance. The narrow and hard-to-reach places are not easy to clean at all. And that is because you usually do not even get to the entire length of the running bar. Why? Because there is a door in the way that you have nowhere to move. However, this does not apply to our shower enclosures. Our shower enclosures are equipped with hinged runners for easy maintenance. In addition, in many cases, tilting rollers will also allow you to clean the rail, which is usually difficult to reach.

Let us see how such a tilting goes. First of all, it should be noted that only the lower rollers are tilting. The upper ones remain attached for safety. You are therefore sure that the door will not fall on you and cause you any injury. And now to the tilting itself.

  •  There is a cover at the bottom profile, on the roller. Silver, black, it depends on the shower enclosure series, because each series has it a little differently.
  • For example, in the EXCLUSIVE LINE, you will find two black cubes on the bottom profile, on which there is a „button“. You press it downwards and then push it into the corner. This will flip the door. You remove the black cube from the bottom of the door, and you have the option to clean both the rollers and the bottom edge of the door. When you put the cube back on the door, do not forget to put the seal inside as well.
  • With PROXIMA LINE, things are a little different. There is a silver cover on the runners, which you lift and remove. Under the cover, you will see a roller with a „button“, which you press and then the door can be flipped up.
  • But for example, the PD3N product is completely different. It has no covers. You flipped up the door by lifting the lower bar from the inside.

What a Roth series, then a different way of the tilting. In any case, after tilting the roller, you have a free field of action, and you can clean the rollers in peace without much effort.

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