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Rectangular acrylic bathtub for smaller spaces

Dimensions 120x70, 130x70. Acrylic bathtub in a classical rectangular shape, which will be especially suited for anyone who solves the lack of space in the bathroom and does not want to lose the comfort of bathing. For easier installation and alignment of the tub we recommend to order a set of bathtub legs EXCLUSIVE.

Legs EXCLUSIVE for bathtubs
  • Types
    TypeOrder numberDimension (mm)WidthDeliveryLengthVolume
    KUBIC NEO SHORT /120×709350000 1200 × 700 70 cm S 120 cm 145 l
    KUBIC NEO SHORT /130×709360000 1300 × 700 70 cm S 130 cm 160 l
    * H – height including supporting elements
    S  - items in STOCK - delivery in the earliest possible date
    O  - items to ORDER - delivery time should not exceed 14 working days
    Z  - CUSTOMIZED items - delivery time should not exceed 30 working days
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KUBIC NEO SHORT - colleague of KUBIC NEO bathtub

The rectangular acrylic bathtub KUBIC NEO SHORT is similar to its colleague KUBIC NEO, only manufactured in very short dimensions. It fits primarily into smaller bathrooms for people of all ages, but still has a very modern look. We offer this bath in two dimensions: 120x70 cm and 130x70 cm. The volume of these bathtubs is 145 l and 160 l. With KUBIC NEO SHORT we will give you an extended 10 years warranty. Easier and faster installation of the bathtub can be reached by our EXCLUSIVE bathtub legs set. The legs can be set between 12-15 cm, ensure that your bathtub will be well levelled. Do not forget to order a siphon, which is not included in the bathtub. If you are interested in one of our siphons, you must order it separately. We offer Bathtub siphon WITH AN OVERFLOW FILLING and Bathtub siphon Roth COMPLETE - METAL.

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