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Instructions for maintenance


Shower enclosures and shower cabins in standard versions are used to prevent splashing water in bathroom spaces.

In order to maintain the satisfactory and proper function of it, it is necessary to maintain the products regularly. T he maintenance of shower enclosures is very easy.

Shower enclosures and cabins are possible to be maintained by recommended Roth common cleaning detergents which do not include abrasive elements (as sand, grinded marmor etc). T hese hard elements cause unrecoverable damage to the glass and on the painted surfaces of metal parts.

Avoid contact with concentrated acids, high concentration detergents, volatile substances and alcohol as well as detergents with a high rate of
chloral, concentrated essences for the bath and different colour concentrates.

It is necessary for the moving parts of shower enclosures to be regularly greased by water adhesive greases (water Vaseline or commonly used silicone creams). This is necessary to do in accordance with the frequency and conditions of usage of the shower enclosure. Minimally once or twice per month.


BRILLANT finishing is not chromed surface! It is mechanically polished and subsequently chemically passivated aluminum profile, on which are acceptable traces of polishing tools. These tracks not cause for complaint.


RothETC minimizes the traces of water drops and limescale residues. At an early stage it is enough just after using the shower to rinse the glass thoroughly with rich stream of clean water. After prolonged use can be minerals contained in the water and other impurities from the protected area of the glass easily removed using conventional detergents. For the maintenance NEVER use abrasive cleaners, steel wool and concentrates based on acids or alkalines!


The intensity of the effect of rapid runoff water directly depends on water hardness and frequency of use of the shower enclosure. At increased frequency (but min. ones per half year), we recommend using the refresh set REFRESH CLEANER, which can be purchased in all retailers of Roth products.


Material from which the bath tubs and shower trays are produced is smooth and shiny in the entire structure and thanks to its properties there are very small deposits of microbes and dirt. T herefore we recommend just wiping the bath with wet cloth using common household detergents. Avoid the use of abrasive elements.

Avoid contact with concentrated acids, chloral and materials as alcohol, acetones etc. as well as with concentrates of perfume essences and colour concentrates. Maximum weight resistance of bath tubs and shower trays is 0,1kg/1cm2.

For ideal sealing we recommend to use of the Roth assembly set.

In the case of manipulation during usage there could be some scratches on the product we recommend to fix them with a very mild water resistant sand paper (density 1000 and higher) and then to polish the area with metal or car polishing substances using soft cloth.


In case you decide to repair a bathtub (tray) by yourself, you do on your own rensponsibility!

Manufacturer's recommendation:

Be very careful during handling, transportation and installation of the product to avoid damaging it. For all detailed information about the installation, use and maintenance, contact your dealer. For regular maintenance and care of products, always use the manufacturer's recommended special detergents Roth.

Valid from 1.5.2010

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