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Rectangular shower tray made of cast marble

The brand new low design shower tray with a long service life and perfect workmanship is made of cast marble. This natural material is destined for use in luxury bathrooms. The advantage of this tray is the dual possibility of installation - directly on the floor or on the finished tiling using the legs that are part of the packaging of this product.

  • Types
    TypeOrder numberDimension (mm)Height (h)Delivery
    MARMO NEO SQUARE-R /800x900MAN SQ 080090 2E 800 × 900 30 mm S
    MARMO NEO SQUARE-R /1600x800MAN SQ 160080 2E 1600 × 800 35 mm S
    MARMO NEO SQUARE-R /1400x900MAN SQ 140090 2E 1400 × 900 30 mm S
    MARMO NEO SQUARE-R /1400x800MAN SQ 140080 2E 1400 × 800 30 mm S
    MARMO NEO SQUARE-R /1200x900MAN SQ 120090 2E 1200 × 900 30 mm S
    MARMO NEO SQUARE-R /1200x800MAN SQ 120080 2E 1200 × 800 30 mm S
    MARMO NEO SQUARE-R /1100x900MAN SQ 110090 2E 1100 × 900 30 mm S
    MARMO NEO SQUARE-R /1100x800MAN SQ 110080 2E 1100 × 800 30 mm S
    MARMO NEO SQUARE-R /1000x900MAN SQ 100090 2E 1000 × 900 30 mm S
    MARMO NEO SQUARE-R /1000x800MAN SQ 100080 2E 1000 × 800 30 mm S
    MARMO NEO SQUARE-R /900x700MAN SQ 090070 2E 900 × 700 30 mm S
    MARMO NEO SQUARE-R /1600x900MAN SQ 160090 2E 1600 × 900 35 mm S
    * H – height including supporting elements
    S  - items in STOCK - delivery in the earliest possible date
    O  - items to ORDER - delivery time should not exceed 14 working days
    Z  - CUSTOMIZED items - delivery time should not exceed 30 working days
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MARMO NEO SQUARE-R is a low rectangular shower tray made of cast marble, which will perfectly complement your shower enclosure.

Cast marble is a natural material that gives the tub many great properties, such as dimensional stability or the ability to adapt to ambient temperature. Marble trays are highly durable and boast a long life. We thought of easy maintenance and that is why the bathtub is equipped with a smooth surface on which only a minimum of dirt settles. The modern shape of the tray with straight lines allows comfortable care of every piece of the surface. The low edge, which is only 3 cm, is perfect for barrier-free bathrooms.

ATTENTION! The siphon is not part of the bathtub, so you have to order it separately. Only select siphons with a diameter of 90 mm for this tray.

You can use 2 types of installation with this shower tray:

  • directly on the floor
  • using special adjustable legs
If you decide to mount using special legs, you do not have to order them separately. In the MARMO NEO series, they are part of the tray and are therefore included in the price of the product. The legs are packed in 5 pieces and they are adjustable (from 8 to 10 cm). Thanks to this, you can eliminate small unevenness on the floor and the bathtub will stand nicely level.

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