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Elegant freestanding bathtub

With its graceful curves, it will conjure up an oasis full of well-being and luxury from your bathroom. ALEGRIA SILK with a volume of 280 l will satisfy even the most demanding clientele. It is one of our largest bathtubs with a size of 194 x 83 cm. It differs from other bathtubs by its unique appearance and the Solid Surface material used.

    ĮveskiteUžsakymo numerisTūrisSvorisPristatymasDydis (mm)Kaina
    ALEGRIA SILK9950000 280 l 128 Z 1940 X 830 € 4 041
    * H – dušo kabinos aukštis įskaitant tvirtinimo elementus
    S  - prekės dažniausiai yra sandėlyje - pristatymo laikas ne ilgesnis nei 8 d.d.
    O  - prekės pagal užsakymą - pristatymo laikas ne ilgesnis nei 21 d.d.
    Z  - prekės pagal specialų užsakymą - pristatymo laikas ne ilgesnis nei 35 d.d.


An oval-shaped bathtub will be the dominant feature in your bathroom. It is adapted to take place in space. Its line attracts at first sight and we are convinced that it meets the requirements for perfect comfort and well-being.

Immerse yourself in the foam bath and enjoy undisturbed moments of relaxation with the ALEGRIA SILK bathtub.

Thought out to the last detail

The bathtub includes an integrated siphon, including a siphon cover in the Solid Surface design.

Maintenance and used material

A novelty on our market - the freestanding ALEGRIA SILK - in a new material design.

The Solid Surface composite material combines the subtle feel of silk with the noble strength of marble. Thanks to this material, the bathtub is resistant to scratches and also to chemical influences. The material can be recycled and subsequently used, it is colorfast and does not absorb any dyes.
The material used in the manufacture contains a natural material called bauxite, which is mixed with a polyester resin in a vacuum and cured at high temperature. Used for visually flawless and geometrically accurate elements in the interior.

It can be recycled and then used to make new Solid Surface items. Comes standard in white colour and semi-matt gloss.

Bath weight 280 kg.


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