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Quadrant shower enclosure with a double sliding doors

The modern quadrant shower enclosure PXR2N_2000 from the PROXIMA LINE range will delight you not only with its timeless design, but also with its lightweight construction, thanks to which the whole shower is more spacious. The 6 mm thick safety glass used is so strong that it does not need internal vertical profiles to support it. This product has a newly introduced standard height of 2000 mm. You will also be delighted by possibility of the extended 5-year warranty, elegant Brillant profiles and a choice of two types of glass, which include a special RothETC coating. PXR2N_2000 allows extensive combinations with designed acrylic or cast marble trays.

Long-life upper double-travel travelsSecurity glass filler TransparentSealing silicone flag to prevent water leakageLower travels and vertical sealAluminum profile BrillantUpper bearing double travel and magnetic seal
  • Types
    TypeOrder numberProfileInstallation width (y)DeliveryGlassHeight (h)Entrance size (c)
    PXR2N/800532-800R55N-00-02 Brillant --- S Transparent 2000 mm 380
    PXR2N/900532-900R55N-00-02 Brillant 880–905 S Transparent 2000 mm 520
    PXR2N/900532-900R55N-00-03 Brillant 880–905 S Chinchilla 2000 mm 520
    PXR2N/1000532-100R55N-00-02 Brillant 980–1005 O Transparent 2000 mm 520
    * H – height including supporting elements
    S  - items in STOCK - delivery in the earliest possible date
    O  - items to ORDER - delivery time should not exceed 14 working days
    Z  - CUSTOMIZED items - delivery time should not exceed 30 working days
    ATTENTION: Nominal sizes of shower enclosures are designed for INSTALLATION ON THE TRAY and they are always assembled with indentation from the edge of the tray. With INSTALLATION ON THE TILES there is a risk, that the size of shower enclosure will be smaller than measured width of the tiles. It is necessary to follow the size charts specified in “TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION” file, which is available to download on the product pages.
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Advantages of PXR2N_2000 shower enclosure

Between the shower door and fixed side panel is just a translucent seal, thanks to which this shower enclosure gives very elegant impression. Magnetic seal ensures perfect tightness of the shower enclosure. The high-quality bearings have a double roller on the top (2 wheels on the roller), which allows bottom door tilting and quick and easy maintenance. The PXR2N_2000 quadrant shower enclosure has also been enhanced with a design handle that is made of Brillant-finished aluminum for perfect fit with shower enclosure profiles. You can install this shower directly on the tiles or combine it with low acrylic trays or cast marble trays. However, these are not included in the delivery and must be ordered separately. All shower door glass are safety and treated with RothETC finish. It is the latest nanotechnology that prevents dirt, grease and scale deposits. Water runs down the glass so perfectly that you hardly need to clean it. For more information, visit http://roth-czech.cz/easy-to-clean.