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Single shower door LYE4 with the set of profiles LZ for a niche

The brand new semi-frame series with a superior lifting mechanism uses a 5mm safety glass with a RothETC protective layer applied. The complete range offers easy access through the double-sided opening doors both ways inside and out. At a standard height of 1950 mm, besides classic models, the solution also provides large-scale showers, which are becoming increasingly popular. Sober design, precise processing and a great price / quality ratio then open doors to many Czech and foreign households.

Lifting mechanism of LYE4Set of profiles LZ with magnetChromed handleLZ set of profilesFlexible brace
    ĮveskiteUžsakymo numerisInstaliavimo dydis (y)PristatymasStiklasProfilisDurų plotis (c)Šoninis stiklas (s)Aukštis (h)Kaina
    LZ profilių komplektas229-1940025-00 25-35 S - Brillant - - 1941 mm € 66
    LYE4/8001135008253 767-792 S Transparent Brillant 510 243-268 1959 mm € 401
    LYE4/9001135008255 867-892 S Transparent Brillant 510 343-368 1959 mm € 416
    LYE4/10001135008257 967-992 S Transparent Brillant 610 343-368 1959 mm € 426
    LYE4/10001135009845 1067-1092 S Transparent Brillant 610 443-468 1959 mm € 441
    LYE4/12001135008259 1167-1192 S Transparent Brillant 710 443-468 1959 mm € 452
    * H – dušo kabinos aukštis įskaitant tvirtinimo elementus
    S  - prekės dažniausiai yra sandėlyje - pristatymo laikas ne ilgesnis nei 8 d.d.
    O  - prekės pagal užsakymą - pristatymo laikas ne ilgesnis nei 21 d.d.
    Z  - prekės pagal specialų užsakymą - pristatymo laikas ne ilgesnis nei 35 d.d.
    DĖMESIO: Nominalūs dušo kabinos matmenys nurodyti MONTAVIMUI ANT DUŠO PADĖKLO, kuomet kabina montuojama ją šiek tiek atitraukiant nuo padėklo krašto. MONTUOJANT TIESIAI ANT PLYTELIŲ reikia įvertinti, kad kabinos dydis bus mažesnis nei nominalus matmuo. Todėl būtina atkreipti dėmesį į matmenis lentelėse, kurios pateiktos "TECHNINĖS SPECIFIKACIJOS" faile, kurį galima parsisiųsti prekės puslapiuose.


LYE4+LZ offers a lot of standard sizes

The LYE4 shower door from this LIMAYA LINE series is manufactured in five standard sizes: from 800 up to 1200 mm. Reliable opening system ensures trouble-free movement of the door both in and out, plus the possibility of locking in the open position. Straight aluminum handle with a surface finish and an attractive brace add to the perfect look of the entire LYE4 product. The shape of the shower enclosure is in your hands. In our offer you can choose a perfectly functioning door for installation into the niche LYE4 + LZ. Both parts of the complete product can be universally installed on both the left and the right, so the door orientation is entirely up to you. Select a combination of double doors LYE4 + LYE4 or a combination of single shower door with a solid side panel LYE4 + LYSW1S. The exact height including the anchor elements is 1959 mm. Safety glass of our shower enclosures are treated with a RothETC technology, which prevents the accumulation of dirt, including limescale and grease.