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Bath screen with a both-sided opening and a fixed part

This bath screen was designed for us by the FORESEE DESIGN Italian studio headed by Piet Billekens, with whom we worked on designing the popular HITECH LINE series. We also thought about your safety and comfort - that's why the bath screen is made of safety glass with RothETC surface coating.

  • - universalus montavimas KAIRĖJE arba DEŠINĖJE
  • - 5 mm Transparent grūdintas stiklas su RothETC
  • - Brillant spalvos sienos profilis
  • - atidarymas į abi puses
  • - kėlimo mechanizmas
    ĮveskiteUžsakymo numerisAukštis (h)StiklasOrientacijaPristatymasPlotis (c2)Dydis (mm)ProfilisInstaliavimo dydis (y)Plotis (c1)Kaina
    BV2 /900290-9000000-00-02 1505 mm Transparent Universalus O 430 1505 × 890 Brillant 880–890 450-460 € 539
    * H – dušo kabinos aukštis įskaitant tvirtinimo elementus
    S  - prekės dažniausiai yra sandėlyje - pristatymo laikas ne ilgesnis nei 8 d.d.
    O  - prekės pagal užsakymą - pristatymo laikas ne ilgesnis nei 21 d.d.
    Z  - prekės pagal specialų užsakymą - pristatymo laikas ne ilgesnis nei 35 d.d.


Benefits of bath screen BV2

  • Safety glass of this bath screen are treated with a RothETC technology. It is the latest nanotechnology that prevents dirt, grease and limescale from settling. The water runs down perfectly, so you do not need to clean it.
  • The bath screen is made of 5 mm safety glass, which is very strong and durable.
  • The fixed part of the screen carries a practical shelf from the inside and an opposite hanger for a garment or a towel from the outside. The screen has a both-sided opening.

This bath screen is suitable for the ACTIVA NEO asymmetric bathtub, which was also designed by the FORESEE DESIGN studio.


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