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I. Establishment of an integrated management system

Roth company decided to use a quality management system based on meeting the requirements of EN ISO 9001: 2009 and environmental management system according to EN ISO 14001: 2005.
Both systems together formed the basis of an integrated management system, for which has in our company been formulated a common one - an integrated policy.

II. Integrated quality and environmental policy

The Roth company's mission is to provide its customers with comprehensive consulting and contracting services in the production of shower enclosures, screens, boxes and sale of shower, massage and steam boxes, massage panels, shower trays, bath tubs and accessories inland and abroad.

The key task of the company and all its employees is providing such supplies and services, their quality will be consistent with its intended purpose, and to constantly satisfy stated or assumed needs and requirements of customers. This requires beside the emphasis on the quality of processes, products and services also a responsible approach to environment protection. Company management recognizes environmental management as one of the highest priorities and in support of this policy commits to fulfill the requirements of the valid legislative and legal requirements, in company activities to consistently enforce requirements for environmental protection and to take the necessary preventive measures to reduce the negative environmental impacts. The same approach will also require from their suppliers.
To ensure the long-term continuity and prosperity of society, high quality of work, customer satisfaction, but also employees, all this can be achieved only by a policy that involves all activities of the company, all of its departments and staff and is based on continuous improvement, while respecting all principles, rules and procedures established under the integrated system of quality and environmental management.

Roth company management led by the effort to maintain and improve achieved market position, while deriving of ongoing acquisition activities and from discussions with key partners and customers, announces as part of its integrated quality and environmental policy following strategic intents:

  • Increase the quality and technical level of supplied products by mastering of modern technologies focused mainly on energy savings, increasing the work safety and protection of the environment and use this knowledge in the offers and the realization of business cases.
  • Improve customer satisfaction not only by realization of their demands and stimulating suggestions for already delivered products, but also by the expansion of ability to provide supplies and services according to specific customer requirements.
  • Rationalize and improve the integrated system of quality and environmental management, including improving of the economic indicators of quality.

We are a responsible company formed by responsible employees at all levels.

  • Environmental responsibility is an important driving force in our product management. By product development and providing of technical support we are constantly trying to improve the energy efficiency of our products. During our activities we are measuring and improving the resource efficiency. Thereby we are contributing to the ecological behavior...
  • Our social responsibility compels us to maintain and develop concepts and products that contribute to the safety, health and aesthetics of our customers estate. We are also monitoring and developing the health and safety of our own activities. Reliability as a partner and employer forms the basis of our daily work: we regularly measure the performance, including customer and employee satisfaction, and if necessary, taking action for improvement.
  • Fulfillment of our environmental and social responsibility helps us ensure our economic sustainability. We also understand that the development of our overall long-term sustainability is enabled thanks to our profitability. We measure the sustainability of our operations and we proclaim our progress openly, using indicators based on international recommendations. With responsible behavior, we believe in our ability to attract partners, employees and customers - and we can provide great benefit with our products and services.

Ing. David Nový

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  • Certificat ISO 9001
  • Certificat ISO 14001


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