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We have been here for you for over 30 years, since 1991. During that time, we have grown into a leading producer of shower enclosures, bathtubs and shower trays. You can find us in Třebařov in the Czech Republic, where all our products are born. Everything we do, we do to make the bathroom the most beautiful place in the house for you. Therefore, you will find over 1 000 product variants in our assortment. With us, you can create a place where your day begins and ends. And in the most amazing way possible. This is exactly what we try to hide in every roller, fold of the bathtub and the practicality of the shower tray.

 For every moment of your life

It doesn't matter whether the bathroom is a place for relaxation rituals for you or you try to spend as little time as possible in it due to the classic morning rush. One way or another, it witnesses important life moments. Maybe it's where you escape after an argument with your partner, maybe it's where you hold private rock concerts in the shower, and maybe a bubble bath is the only thing you look forward to after a long day at work. You don't have to be afraid to admit it to us. We are happy to be ourselves in our bathroom too. And we design their equipment for you exactly by this idea.

We are close to you

We produce in the Czech Republic and export to 25 countries around the world.

You will enjoy the bathroom soon

A perfect bathroom without a long wait.
We try to ship everything as soon as possible.

No unnecessary worries

Whatever breaks,
the service team will fix it.

Everything you need to know

You will get answers to your questions directly from the producer.

Our life moments

2020 wedding
Roth Czech

Roltechnik changes to Roth


From January 1, 2020, Roltechnik took over the new name Roth Czech. Our products are enjoyed by satisfied customers in 25 countries around the world. And more are coming. We care about every detail.

We look forward to new challenges, milestones and life moments that we will experience in an environment where we can all be ourselves.

2016 serious relationship - meeting the family

We become a member of the Roth Industries Group


In 2016, Roltechnik became a member of the Roth Industries group, a family company based in Germany with a 70-year history and more than 1 200 employees worldwide. Roth is a multinational producer of energy and sanitary systems with worldwide representation.

2010 courtship

First courtship with Roth Werke


In 2010, the first project started for Roth Werke in Germany, which helped eliminate the consequences of the financial crisis.

2007 graduation

A dynamic transformation from family to European standards


The company is changing owners after successful development across Europe. The plan for further development is under the control of the Genesis financial fund and management.

We are expanding to the west

Within a few years, ROLTECHNIK gained a solid position not only in Eastern European markets but also in Western Europe.

1997 maturity exam

The birth of a timeless legend


Our first design of the shower enclosures saw the light of day. The legendary Classic Line was successfully sold in an almost unchanged form for 22 long years.

1994 first class

The first shower screen produced


The first produced shower screen in licensed production for a German partner.

We turn the rudder to the sanitary

During the presentation of the machine in Germany, Mr. Pařil meets a man at the airport who asks for the installation of shower enclosures. Given the difficult economic situation in aviation in the Czech Republic, and the ideal chance to change the company's focus..

1991 birth

Foundation of Roltechnik


The founding father, Vladimír Pařil, founds the company Roltechnik as a producer of winches for the take-off of gliders - a continuation of the famous tradition of Svazarm..

... and what's next?

Solutions for your moments of relaxation give us energy

The journey through the world of shower enclosures was winding, but it taught us a lot and led us exactly where we wanted to be today. The merger of Roltechnik with the German leader among home system producers, Roth, opened a lot of new doors for us in 2016. Some led to top designers, others to new technologies. Thanks to this, we can hold our own in the Czech and Slovak or demanding Western European markets.

And what's next? Time will tell. But our vision is clear. We will continue to try to make those unique moments that are only yours as pleasant as possible. We will continue to look for exceptional solutions. Ones that bring more to your lives than you might expect from bathroom equipment.

But we don't just want to keep up with the competition, we want to get a good head start. We are preparing to innovate all products and launch another product line. Our driving force is not other runners on the track. It's you, our lovely customers, and your ideas, comments and recommendations. We regularly fulfill your wishes and create atypical solutions that suit the spaces of your bathroom and your daily habits. We are happy to test them ourselves and make them permanent in our offer.

Are you interested in our reference buildings and quality and environmental policy?


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